The Fortunate Plight

The Fortunate Plight

The Worst Day of His Life….

I picked him up from school yesterday and could immediately tell….he just had that crazy look in his eyes that said,

Try me, I dare ya.

Things started out smoothly as I pulled into a gas station to fill up. He started to get a little restless so I retrieved the small bag of goldfish I keep in the car……you know, the In Case of Emergency one.

This allowed me enough time to finish at the pump and for about 3 minutes or so things were going well. We were on our way home and he was quietly content as he munched away at his goldfish.

Then all hell broke loose.

Allow me to not be dramatic when I describe to you the screams coming from the back seat. You would have thought someone punched this child in the face by how upset he was. He was distraught, with tears streaming down his little cheeks.


My first thought was that maybe he got bit by something! Dear God (I prayed silently), please don’t let there be some weird spider back there with him! I tried to calm him down and ask him what was wrong. Finally we reached a red light and I was able to turn around and see the HORROR he was enduring back there….

His goldfish bag had torn down the side.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. My son was borderline hyperventilating because his goldfish snack bag had torn down the side and he was unable to put it back together. I tried not to laugh as I explained to him that I don’t  make a habit of keeping scotch tape on me at all times, and therefore I was unable to remedy the situation.

My words meant nothing to him. It must have been the worst day of his life.

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Just a little something to brighten up your Wednesday!

A video of my two hearts in action….


If Only I Really Were An Astronaut…

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Over Christmas a relative asked me what the most surprising thing about becoming a mother was. I thought for a minute and said,

Probably how much love I am capable of now. To think that I thought I knew what love was, and then to have him, made me realize that I had only really scratched the surface.

It’s scary. It’s also comforting to know that God knows what you need, before you even knew you needed it. I needed Dyce, Brad and I both did.

Now here we have this little human – half me, half Brad – and he walks and talks and sings and dances. When he closes a door he politely turns around and waves as he sweetly says, “bye bye door”. I am rewarded with kisses when I let him dip his food in ranch dressing and he has started to quickly let me know if he dislikes a song playing on the radio. Not even two yet and he already controls the music selection….that’s impressive.

What’s even more impressive is that, to him, I literally hung the moon. Now, if only I can convince him to always believe this.