The Fortunate Plight

The Fortunate Plight

The Truth Behind Those Instagram Photos

As the mom, I rarely ever get to take pictures with my children as I’m always the one behind the lens. Yesterday I thought it would be nice to snap a few before we went on our evening walk. 

What happened next was nothing short of the magic (and persistence) of a three year old…..

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1. Dyce explaining to Brad why he didn’t feel like taking pictures at the moment.

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2. Me asking Dyce if he would like to stand on the bricks, beside his sister. 3. Me encouraging him to get closer. 4. His physical resistance and showing of disgust at my request. 5. Him explaining the importance of his feet remaining on the mulch.

 photo photo85.jpg

6. The final result. A (slightly awkward) family photo. (and a totally chill 6 month old….just along for the ride)




Mom of 2 and Another Shot of Crazy


It’s been 6 months since I become a mother of two.  It’s been 6 months of adjusting…..I’m not going to lie. There are so many things people don’t tell you about having a child and there are just as many things they don’t tell you about having your second child…..

Like the fact your first born ages years and loses virtually every trace of “baby” over night….

And changing the older ones diaper now feels like you are wiping a grown mans behind….

And that you and your husband will quickly learn the true meaning of “divide and conquer”…..

And instead of looking forward to your baby’s next milestone, you quietly wish for each phase to last a little longer, because the first time it went by far too fast.

Decker is starting to try to crawl….she has been for several weeks now. She is a happy, happy little girl. Possibly the happiest baby I have ever known. Her face lights up no matter who talks to her. She has one of those smiles that you can feel… how you know someone is watching you without actually seeing them……that’s how her smile works. She shoots invisible laser beams of happiness from her cheeks (that’s how I imagine it anyway) and the next thing you know you’ve been slapped across the face with happy.

It’s nice. It’s the best, actually.

She doesn’t sleep… least not well, anyway. I think Dyce inherited Brad’s sleeping habits. He’s a hard sleeper. Decker, on the other hand, still wakes every few hours so it’s been a long (LLLOOONNNNGGGG) 6 months for this mama. I will say this though, it’s been 6 months of never sleeping more than 3 consecutive hours, but at least I get to soak up every quiet moment I can with my sweet girl. SO worth it. I honestly don’t mind it that much. I’ve never required much sleep in general and I might go so far as to say I’m a pretty terrible sleeper….. often times I am already awake at night when she cries.

Like mother, like daughter?

We just started giving her some foods, but so far just zucchini and pears. She hates pears and makes the most incredible faces! Breastfeeding has been harder this time around in regards to my supply. It started to dip when we moved (oh yea, we moved to Union County…..forgot to mention that I guess) and I was no longer able to nurse her at lunch. I still nurse quite a bit but have had to supplement one bottle a day with formula. I mourned that for some reason and really beat myself up over it.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Mothers?

There’s nothing wrong with formula….and I know this but it’s hard to feel like what I am doing is good enough sometimes, you know? I’m starting to understand that being a good mom means learning how to forgive yourself for the mistakes that only you keep track of. Easier said than done.



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Recently, after telling someone it had been a year and a half since I last cut my hair, they said,

Oh, you must not work out of the home.

After assuring her I did, and seeing how genuinely surprised she was, I pondered for a few minutes what was meant by that comment. I came to the conclusion that she probably thought that no self-respecting career woman would go that long without some attention to her personal appearance.

Rather than becoming paranoid or offended by her comment, I realized this is just the result of being a busy mom with two kids. Right? I work Monday through Friday so by the time Saturday rolls around I would rather spend time with my family than sitting in a salon chair.

Two kids = Hot Mess

Truth be told we embrace the craziness that exists around us. Is it frustrating? Yes, at times. Some days I am doing good to shovel food in everyone’s mouth before it gets cold or the dog eats it….other days I think the washing machine should be thoroughly cleaned, so I scrub the small crevices with an old tooth brush.

As I type this post I realize how all over the place I am….does this even make sense? I promised to record more and this is my (albeit poor) attempt.

Mothers are neurotic. My husband is undoubtedly reminded of this on a daily basis.

He’s also reminded how badly I want more.

I’ll take another shot of crazy….straight to the face and down the hatch.

We’re having too much fun to stop now…, we still have some pretty killer “D” names left!



p.s. i posted this video on facebook a while back….but it’s worth watching!



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Seems impossible, doesn’t it?


I want to tell you about the amazing person you are growing into, I’m just not quite sure where to start.

You are my first, my sweetheart, my gentle giant. You are funny, and witty, and wondrous, and wild. I often find myself trying to discipline you ….and this little voice in my head whispers

Let him be wild.

So, sometimes I do. Let you be wild.

You have that spark, and I’m not the only one who sees. I fear pointing it out may lead you to notice others watching and I’m not ready for you to be that self-aware. It can be scary….when others teach you to unlove yourself. Don’t do that.

Shave half your head.

Dance naked.

Scream “It’s Working!!!” every time you pee.

Be wild.

BE wild.

You light up your sisters eyes. She adores you.

I’m not sure how you do it, but no one can make her laugh like you. You love her, and you tell her that every day after you insist on kissing and hugging her goodnight.

I imagine few things in my life will be as beautiful as watching the two of you has been.

Thank you for that.

Thank you for insisting on sleeping with as many toys as will fit in your tiny toddler bed.

Thank you for holding the door for strangers…..even if it takes them two minutes to actually make it to the door.

Thank you for running from Rya through the house with your chicken nuggets held high, as you verbally scold her for even tying.

Thank you for waking me in the middle of the night because the Velcro cape to your Superman pajamas came off.

Thank you for repeating every word your dad says and then saying, “I’m jus kidding, dad!” after he tells you to cut it out.

Thank you for pretending the video monitor is your personal space teleport device.

Thank you for introducing yourself with your full name, Dyce Danger Davis.

Thank you for always wanting a microphone, and insisting we play air guitar with our thumbs out, and that you always play drums… Uncle Jimmy.

Thank you for explaining “I was jus gonna have that, mom” every time I tell you “no”.

Thank you for translating your sisters babbles for us…..”Decker jus said she needs a bath, cause she smells like poopie.”

Thank you for loving her so well.

Thank you for loving us.

Thank you for calling us your best friends.

Thank you for making loving you so painfully easy.

Thank you for three incredible years.

I love you sweet boy.